3 000 people. 12 500 people. 35 000 people. 20 weeks. The youth is in the streets. One generation, one voice. We demand climate justice to ensure a promising future for our generation and the generations that will follow.

Youth for climate is a climate action movement, inspired by Greta Thunberg who started striking every Friday in august 2018 to demand climate action. We aim to mobilize and activate as many people as possible because the climate crisis concerns everyone and transcends all boundaries.

The current climate policies are not ambitious enough, not on a local level nor a national level nor a international level. Youth for Climate wants to send a clear apolitical signal that concrete measures has to be taken now.

So we, the youth, will keep fighting for our future. We’ll be rebellious, we’ll be direct and we won’t apologize. Because the climate crisis is more urgent than ever before. Because we believe in our future. Because we know a change is possible and that we can do it. And because one is too small to make a difference. Naïve? Maybe… but at least we are doing our part.

Join us?

You want to find a way to act on climate change and fight for your future but you don’t know how? Don’t hesitate to contact us via the site here or via the email address: belgianyouthforclimate@mail.com.