What does Youth For Climate stand for?

Youth for Climate is a climate action group set up by Anuna De Wever and Kyra Gantois. The current climate policies are not ambitious enough, not on a local level, a national lever nor a international level. It cannot ensure us a promising future. Youth for Climate wants to send a clear apolitical signal that the next government needs to be a climate-focused government.

How and what changes need to happen need to be discussed with climate experts, who are currently being ignored. Their expertise needs to be consulted and put into policies. The future does not seem worthwhile as long as there aren’t effective climate policies put into place. That is why we skip class weekly.

How YFC came to be.

After seeing Greta Thunberg and her actions, it was obvious that in Belgium too action was needed. Anuna De Wever, Kyra Gantois and Adélaïde Charlier took it upon themselves to organise a weekly truancy action to promote politcal action to better the climate. The first protest got 3.000 people to march through Brussels.

With the second march, this number rose to 12.500 peeking at 30.000 for the third march. At the same time a few thousands protested in cities all around Belgium too. It was clear that this newly formed community was formed based on a common aspiration to change the climate for the better. To guarantee a liveable future for our generation and the generations to come, change is needed.

What we want to achieve

The next government needs to be a climate-focused government. A government with clear and effective policies regarding the climate which is constructed together with independent experts. With our actions we hope to make politicians, corporate managers and other people with power come together to effectuate climate friendly measures.
It is important to reach out to everybody in order to fix the climate problem together.

Also, climate change needs to be a part of the public debate and needs to be based on factual information. Making the population aware of the climate problem and its solutions is an essential part to make a better future.