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Meeting with Pres. Macron

Invited by President Macron. It was a positive meeting. Macron opened up to us, he asked if we can help each other.
Let’s share this revolution!
In history of humanity we’ve never had to mobilise like this in peace time. 
He wants to create an initiative and share an agenda with scientists, politicians and citizens.
We talked about a common and shared agenda! To work on precise issues! 
Macron wants to stay in contact, and this conversation (nearly 2 hours) was a start of that.

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  1. Nethercott Géraldine


    Nous tentons de contacter Adélaïde Charlier. Nous organisons un débat politique le 28 mars prochain et aimerions l’inviter à y participer. Auriez-vous un e-mail à nous communiquer afin de l’inviter ? Un tout grand merci. Géraldine Nethercott

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